Nights of Ire

by Gatlin

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This release is available on cassette tape through No Heroes Records and Violent Favor.


released January 31, 2013

Vocals & Guitar: Jake Murphy
Drums: Sam Kelley
Bass: Joseph George

This album was recorded and mixed by Kevin Thompson.



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Gatlin Massachusetts

Gatlin is a hardcore band from the southern outskirts of Boston, Massachusetts.

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Track Name: Winded
Pierced through your eyes with it’s sight. Strangled your thoughts decaying in time. Beat to an end with no life to fight. It's possession brought in it’s finest form. The struggle to take back what was once yours. Call out the name to bring out the storm.
Come down. Run now. Come down. It wont let you breathe and seeks out it's own needs. We need to find out what the fuck this is, why it's here, and why it can't be killed. And it's made it's way in your mind. And this is why you can't sleep at night.
Track Name: Stronghold
Like hungry fucking wolves we seek out our prey. There's no room for anyone. Our bloods not the same. So go ahead and fall. We’ll be here ‘til death takes our name. We’re stranded but not lost. We found out ourselves. Taking what's left of this wasteland we call home. Don't you fade away. I am not another senseless act. I am the face that never leaves. Forever damned by an honor that has lead us to be free. We're still fucking here.
Track Name: Flightless
I woke up to a plague; the loss that never ends. I've put myself In the line of crossfire slowly cheating death. I didn't choose to be distant or forget when I'm wrong. This damaged pride has made my insides rot. I'm restless and ruined and dragging along to put myself in the dirt. Realized these dreams I've been chasing for so long were nothing more than nightmares that outran me. Stuck to the veins of this lifeless pod. Never wait for the change, it never comes. Stuck tired veins. Bloodless eyes.
Track Name: Trapping Eyes
Track Name: Enclosed by Teeth
A name never made. This life lost at sea. Mindless machines that rise from the deep, slowly pick off the weak. Isolations brought rest for the worse while now we just lye down. We were always told to fight to survive but we’re now just waiting to die and drift down. Caught by their knife. Waiting for teeth. Tossed fighting force.