2011 & 2012 Demos

by Gatlin

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Tracks 1-3: Demo 2011
Tracks 4-6: Demo 2012

This release is currently sold out on cassette tape.


released October 31, 2012

Vocals & Guitar: Jake Murphy
Drums: Corey Spivey
Bass on tracks 1-3: Jake Murphy
Bass on tracks 4-6: Joseph George

Additional vocals on Earth A.D. were performed by Mike Assatly.
Both demos were recorded and mixed by Kevin Thompson.



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Gatlin Massachusetts

Gatlin is a hardcore band from the southern outskirts of Boston, Massachusetts.

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Track Name: Gatlin
They’ve spoke in tongue. We’re caught in traps. Their ritual of blood and biased based facts. Everyone left is to blame. You’ll follow his voice that seems to be reason. A soul hollowed out, the heart that’s still beating. Your sacrifice is what he’s planned inside. Nothing is everything and everything is fake. It seems everyone here has made a mistake. Life is just too poor while he legislates behind these walls, behind his face. But I see the truth, and I can’t blame you. You’ll fight, and you’ll lie, and you’ll slit all the throats of your own kind.
Track Name: Under
Black dried bloodstains that still stain these walls. Human remains left to feed them all. They’ll cut out your tongue, lock up your windows, and call this your home. And all that you’ve seen was their plan to take you and plant their disease. Tasting the flesh of what’s been captured with hearts still racing. A world’s collapsing and this man takes his shotgun and prays. Looks at the children that he’s cut up and trained. They’re just creatures, they’re just creatures, they’ve made no difference and he walks away. And after all that this child has seen, he’s out of hopes for the right to break free. But they’re just stuck here, they’re just stuck here. It’s a mystery.
Track Name: Hollowed Out
Hiding from incision, raped and blind. What is this system for? What is he trying to find? What is it from? Your mind goes numb. Your blood’s been boiling now, and you still wonder why you’ve been left alone. Just a restless soul, and your time has come to stay. The sessions open now and this is how you’ve paid. Fighting away from the dark and everything is lost. Fighting away from the dark, everything is lost, and praying doesn’t solve when they’ll decide to hang your head and suck you dry. Lifeless in time, broken to find.
Track Name: Bateman
Such a shattered man. So won’t you hang yourself around my neck so I can drag you down? Be on your side. You’ll find mine. And slit your throat to please my eyes. Break ties from pride. Lie down and keep silent. Sorrow's wasted time.
Track Name: Earth A.D.
Originally performed by The Misfits.
Track Name: III
Burn. Raced out of time, left out and blind. Burn. Tried to excel, but called out for help. Burn. Back in time to rip out their eyes. They stole what was yours and left you behind. Followed lies, drowned in their tides. A burial for one shunned out of the light. Inside your mind are nightmares from what you’ll find. Digging graves to see what’s been left behind, and breathing slowly an endless fight. Dead eyes acceptance is dead. The tunnels you’re after await distant lives. Arise.